ENGELEENA is a contemporary, stylish woman who adores life and nature. She has a keen interest in art and handicrafts and cares about the environment and future of our planet. She loves travelling and connecting with artists and their craft. 

ENGELEENA started from humble beginnings. With ancestral links to southern Europe and Sri Lanka, tailoring inherited from her maternal genes tracing back to her great-grandmother who was a weaver and made handloom cotton fabrics. She also made hand-sewn clothes for her children and her community. Fast-forward to the present and you meet Engeleena Padyachi, designer, pattern maker, and seamstress. The testimony of her multi-skilled talent is her collections which were designed and constructed solely by herself and went on the Runway in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Fiji.

"I believe beauty is amorphous and achromatic until crafted by an artisan to give aesthetic appeal. Beauty then comes into being. Designing is an art and I am inspired by nature and life to give a touch of femininity, quality, and value to express yourself the way you want. There is something special about having a well-made garment. It gives an emotional attachment belonging to a certain period, event, or occasion in life". - Engeleena Padyachi